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How Will You Pay for Nursing Home Care?

The high cost of long-term care can quickly deplete a lifetime of savings, and leave nothing to pass on to other generations. To assist in easing this burden an individual or couple can apply for Medicaid. But, don’t you have to be BROKE to apply for Medicaid? NO! It is not necessary for you to […]

What’s the Return on Your Marketing Investment?

Whether it takes the form of advertising campaigns, branding initiatives, or targeted networking, marketing is an integral part of any firm’s business strategy. But, unlike other parts of a business plan, the results of marketing efforts can seem difficult to measure. Are new customers calling because of your marketing initiatives? If so, which initiative produced […]

Paid Time Off for Workers Can Pay Off for Employers

Under pressure to balance work, family, and other personal commitments, paid time off is among the benefits employees value most. However, employers in the United States are generally under no legal obligation to offer paid leave to workers. But, as a business owner, you will likely find it difficult to attract and retain skilled employees […]

Independent Contractor or Employee?

The idea of hiring individuals to perform certain jobs without having to put them on the payroll is appealing to many business owners. But before you decide to use an independent contractor, make sure the person you hire is a genuine freelancer who is not needed to perform services integral to the operation of your […]

Understanding Interest Rates and Your Financial Situation

When discussing bank accounts, investments, loans, and mortgages, interest is an important concept to understand. In financial terms, interest is the price paid for the temporary use of someone else’s funds, and an interest rate is the percentage of a sum borrowed that is attributable to interest. Whether you are a lender, a borrower, or […]

How Charitable Giving Can Really Pay Off

Jill and Harry have always set aside a small portion of their budget for charitable donations. In addition to feeling good about supporting a number of worthy causes, they’ve been able to deduct—from their Federal income tax return—all the charitable gifts they’ve made. Now, the couple think it is time to make a rather substantial […]

Year-End Tax Tips—Start Early

As you manage your taxes at year-end, one important, constant goal should be to reduce your adjusted gross income (AGI), which equals your gross income (salary, investment earnings, etc.) less your allowable deductions and exemptions. Maximizing your deductions and exemptions, as well as taking advantage of any tax credits available to you, is a great […]

Tax Breaks for Landlords

Like many Americans, you may be thinking of investing in a home or condo that has the potential to appreciate over time while generating a steady stream of rental income. Property investment can be risky given the fluctuations in the real estate market, but the Federal government has made buying residential properties for rental purposes […]

Income Tax Filing—What You Should Know

The April 15th tax deadline always seems just around the corner. Preparing in advance to file your federal income tax return might help make a sometimes overwhelming process easier to tackle. Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has established several convenient methods to help each taxpayer file promptly and with ease. Electronic Filing (E-File) Since […]