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The benefits of an annual insurance review…

Many homeowners purchase an insurance policy when they first move in, but they may not understand the importance of periodically reviewing it or reassessing their needs. It’s an oversight that can ultimately lead to a gap in their coverage. A home renovation or upgrade is another reason you may want an insurance review. Everything from […]

Official Opening of Asset Planning Insurance Group, LLC!

Announcing! The official opening of… Asset Planning Insurance Group, LLC   Asset Planning Insurance Group, LLC is a full service, multi-line independent insurance agency. The agency will offer all personal lines such as home, auto, life and health as well as commercial lines insurances. As an independent agency, we are in a position to obtain […]

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What Is A Funeral Trust?

  Like other major life events, pre-funding your funeral will give you peace of mind, comfort and assurance knowing that money will be there to pay your final expenses. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have an insurance policy that is designed to do exactly that? Pay for your funeral costs, while also helping you […]

Wall Safes Are Not Just For The Rich!

If you believe what you see on television, wall safes are for big stacks of cash from shady deals. In real life, that’s not the case. Almost everyone has important papers, jewelry, and other valuables that should be protected against theft, fire, or natural disaster. And a reasonable amount of cash gives people a secure […]

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Between unexpected expenses like home repairs or car trouble and milestone expenses like college tuition or retirement, it can be difficult to know if you are using the best savings strategies. When it comes to saving wisely, a lot can be said for employing methods that help you retain more of your money and allocate […]