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Great Ways To Start Saving For Retirement

Half of eligible employees under age 34 do not contribute to their employer sponsored 401(k) plans. Of the employees who do contribute, 40% do not contribute enough to take advantage of the employer match program. Read on to discover why it is never too early to begin to save for retirement and how employer sponsored […]


Value of a Financial Advisor

The Internet allows us to access unlimited sources of information and to even invest online at a low cost. The cost of your time, however, is high. Vanguard reports that the value added by a financial advisor can be reported by portfolio net returns of 3%. However, return on investment of a good financial advisor […]



Welcome to the New Year! Start the year 2018 with a complete understanding of where you stand financially, and begin to set goals for yourself. We have compiled a checklist to help you through this process. Personal Finances  List all assets, including accounts, real estate, savings, valuables, etc.  List all debts including mortgage, […]

Social Security Cost of Living Increase for 2018!

The Social Security Administration recently announced that the 2018 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) will result in a 2% increase in Social Security benefits next year. The monthly benefits increase, which will begin in January, is significant because it is the largest COLA in six years and will impact more than 69 million Americans. It […]

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While experts are divided on the existence of a retirement savings crisis in America, the average household headed by someone age 55-64 has saved around $100,000 for retirement. Is your household one of them? Call us to schedule an appointment to ensure you have the best saving strategy for your needs. https://www.wsj.com/articles/is-there-really-a-retirement-savings-crisis-1492999861