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Watch Out for Home Improvement Scams!

Homeowners should beware of home improvement scams that are out there at this time of year.  Along with the spring and summer weather comes a flood of advertisements and for coupons from home improvement companies with incredible offers.  In order to avoid being taken by any “fly by night” operations out there, use this checklist […]

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What is the Rule of 72?

One of the hardest factors in planning for retirement is trying to accurately judge how much money you will need to live on in the future. Because of inflation, what you can afford today you might not be able to afford when you retire. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict what inflation rates will […]


Thinking of Claiming a Home Office?

More and more people are working at least part time out of a home office and claiming it as a deduction. Before claiming home office deductions, homeowners should take into consideration the impact the deductions will have on the sale of their home, when the time comes. Anybody who claims deductions for a home office […]

Why I Became A Financial Advisor

BACKGROUND My father was in the hospitality business as a general manager. I grew up living in the hotels that he managed (I never even lived in a “house” until my senior year of high school). I spent my entire childhood in the “public” and in a business that was centered around “people”. During high […]