Whether changing career paths or advancing at a new company, there is a certain excitement around changing jobs. In the midst of all of the planning, however, there is one important detail that should not be overlooked: what to do with an existing 401(k).

To help decide which option is best for you, we can work together to consider the following factors:

  • Your current situation.

Are you on pace to meet your financial and personal goals for retirement?

How long will your retirement savings need to last? How much may your retirement expenses be?

  • Your choices.

What are the pros and cons to preserving the tax-deferred status of your current retirement plan compared to taking a lump-sum distribution?

Is it more beneficial for you to do a direct rollover to a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA?

  • Your asset allocation.

Are your retirement savings diversified enough to help deliver the returns you will need to enjoy the retirement you envision? Should you look into adding new investments to your portfolio to help maintain balance?

If you are currently starting a new job, or are preparing to make a change, please call Asset Planning Group,LLC at 5814-5636-1040 to schedule an appointment to review your options and help you decide what solution will best suit your needs.