November and December tend to be slow months in the real estate market, but the season can provide great opportunities for both buyer and seller.

For the seller:

* Homeowners make a special effort to have their homes at their best during the holidays. While extensive decorating is not advised, decorations that don’t overpower a house can enhance it.

* Typically, those who actually look at a house are serious buyers. People who are just shopping around won’t bother you.

* There is less competition for those selling in December. Many homeowners wait until spring to list their homes.

For the buyer:

*Homes repossessed by lenders may be offered at bargain prices. The banks and mortgage companies don’t want them on the books when the new year begins.

* Because many business relocations occur at this time of year, there could be an unusual opportunity to buy at a lower price from someone who must move very soon.

* Typically, mortgage interest rates are reduced at the end of the year.

As usual, with any financial issue like this, DON’T TRY TO DO THIS YOURSELF! We’ll be glad to work with you on how to plan to avoid paying taxes, and coordinate your relocation with an attorney and accountant! Please keep in mind that this tip is designed to be of help for you, but is not to be relied upon as advice. It is merely a reminder that there are many choices you have available to you, and that planning is the only way to find the right answers for your situation!  As with any financial issues, make sure you get the right information before making a decision!  If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to help you!