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Women and Social Security…

According to Social Security, women live longer than men, often earn less, and rely on Social Security for most of their retirement income. Approximately 700,00 people apply for spouse’s benefits annually, and over 90 percent of them are women.

Social Security has established a Web site solely to assist women with Social Security Administration benefits. The Web site (www.ssa.gov/women/) gives information to women at all different stages of their lives.

The groups of women that they have information for are:


Working Women                                                              Beneficiaries

Brides                                                                                   New Mothers

Divorced Spouses                                                            Caregivers



They also offer links to other Web sites that might be of interest to women as well. It’s a good idea to have a pad of paper and a pen handy when you sit down to page through these sites and put together a list of questions to ask us next time you come in.

This site is just one of many on the web that can help you find the direction you need to go in to achieve the goals you have set for yourself or to help you out of jam when life hands you one of its curveballs.

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