After months of one of the most highly-contested presidential elections in our country’s history, a president-elect has been named and we can now begin to process what changes may be coming our way.

Some of those changes may be financial. As we continue to learn the specifics regarding the Trump administration’s fiscal policy, we know the anticipated broad strokes of it will include lower tax rates, a targeted fiscal stimulus, and the deregulation of business. These actions, some financial experts say, have a solid chance of positively impacting our economy.

Other positive changes that might be on the horizon include:

  • New growth opportunities. From the steepening of the U.S. Treasury yield curve to the positive performance of commodities, the new policies may offer new revenue streams to clients.
  • Market effects. Historically, the S&P 500 index has produced a positive total return in presidential election years.
  • Tax reform. To help stimulate the economy, new tax strategies might ensure significant cuts in taxes, particularly for higher-earning Americans.

As a valued client, please know that our commitment to your financial success, and that of your family, supersedes the changing tides of politics. As you save and invest for your goals, remember that market disruptions are not the norm, but the exception. Please call our office at 814-536-1040 if you have concerns or questions about how things are going with your investments.